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I love this product & would buy 399 more if I could!
- Sammy

Lightspeed delivery & amazing quality!
- Frank

I love this product!  It's amazingly cool
- Jessica

Intelligent RC Robot


R18 RC Robot is a great gift for boys and girls. Its flexible operation and high quality material prevent parents from worry and lead children to enjoy a good play.



1. Manually adjust the shape: You can adjust it to your favorite posture by yourself.

2. Gesture sensing: Through gestures, you can control the robot to move forward, back, turn left, and turn right. When completing each action, it is more dynamic with sound effects.

3. Remote control: The robot can be controlled to walk by remote control.

4. Automatic demonstration: play music and walk forward, turn left and right randomly.

5. Learning function: Allow children to learn popular science knowledge and good habits in life.

6. Programming action: You can program the walking direction according to your own preference.